Teeth Whitening


Do your teeth appear more yellow than the shinning white that they once were? Having you teeth whitened will help you appear younger and healthier. With that lost sparkle returning to your smile, it may just boost your confidence as well. Getting your teeth whitened is an inexpensive and fast process. At our clinic, we offer two affordable treatments.


However, tooth whitening is not right for you if:


  • You expect a miracle to happen;

  • Your dentist tells you that you have decay in your mouth, gum disease, or infections underneath you teeth;

  • You are pregnant;

  • You have tooth sensitivity, cracks and exposed dentine – once treated, these teeth can be suitable for whitening;

  • You have existing crowns or large fillings in the smile zone – existing crowns or fillings that need to be changed following bleaching may be an indication that bleaching isn’t right for you due to costs; and

  • You are in the later years of life and have gum shrinkage and visible yellow roots.


Take Home Teeth Whitening Kits

Our clinic supplies the Pola Day and Pola Night Tooth Whitening System for patients to take home and apply. These options are carefully supervised by our team. We provide patients with custom-fitted trays for their teeth and plastic syringes of completely safe Pola gel. We have day or night system kits to suit any lifestyle. Usually, a patient sees results from a two week treatment programme within five to seven days. It is a cost effective way to have gradual shade improvement of the teeth over time.

Advantages of Pola gels include:  

  • Fluoride releasing: the addition of fluoride remineralises the tooth surface assisting in reducing post-operative sensitivity.

  • Contains desensitising agent: the Pola Day and Pola Night gels contain a desensitising agent which acts on the nerve endings, and desensitises them at the pulp-dentin border, in turn minimising sensitivity and maximising patient comfort.

  • Neutral pH: Pola Day and Pola Night’s neutral pH ensures the full release of the peroxide without jeopardising patient comfort.

  • Pleasant Taste: the pleasantly flavoured spearmint gel is both fresh and long lasting


Zoom Whitening System In Chair

The second method of teeth whitening is performed in the chair at our clinic. We use the revolutionary Zoom system which is a 10 night home routine coupled with a final in-office spa whitening treatment which will typically lighten your teeth between 5-7 shades. This is far better than most treatments.


We constantly hear tales of disappointment from those tempted by bleaching kits sold at beauty salons, chemists and shopping centre pod whitening shops.  The Zoom system of teeth whitening is stored fresh and uses a unique double impression procedure to generate the whitening trays. This means a much more snug fit than any tray to whiten teeth. This in turn allows a higher concentrated fresh whitening gel to be used with less gel leakage resulting in less gum irritation. The Zoom system also comes with anti-sensitivity gel should we need it. The final result is usually far superior and more comfortable than over the counter kits and dare we say, conventional whitening treatments applied by most dentists.


At our clinic we are so sure that you will be thrilled with you new whiter, brighter smile for many years to come that we offer complimentary whitening touch ups at every hygiene visit. It’s our way of guaranteeing your fresh smile confidence

It is recommended that patients have a hygiene appointment to ensure that their teeth are properly cleaned before undergoing Zoom Whitening treatment.